The Bomb Bomb name has long carried a very interesting past. Our original location in South Philadelphia has been in the family for 60 years, but its history can be traced to the 1930s. People always ask us, “What’s up with your name?” Our answer is a very simple one; The Philly location was bombed twice!

It was Sunday, February 16, 1936 when a bomb was placed on the front steps of a newly opened taproom at Warnock and Wolf Street shattering windows blocks away! This small taproom was owned by Vincent Margarite who came to be enemies with the local racketeers. Authorities came to the conclusion that the bombing was a result of jealousy on the part of business rivals.
This incident, however, did not stop Margarite from reopening the day after the bombing despite the dangerous situation. More than a month later on Friday, April 4, a second blast rang out in the early morning hours from Warnock and Wolf St. This time the bomb was bigger and louder, throwing neighbors Frank Corratta and his family from bed! Many more neighbors were hurled from there bed including owner Vincent, his wife, and son who lived on the second floor of the taproom. A petition was then sent around the local community to shut down the taproom.
Vincent would give into the pressure and sell the property to Jimmy Cataldi. Jimmy’s Tavern would enjoy many years of peaceful business. Then, in 1951, Frank Barbato Sr. would purchase the infamous bar from Mr. Cataldi. Around this time the locals were calling the bar Bomb Bomb because of the two blasts years earlier. Frank Sr. would eventually give in to the popularity of the name and make it official.

Today, Bomb Bomb in Philly has been turned into a full fleged restaurant and has receive Zagat Ratings, AOL City Best Awards, and even a two time Gary Maddox BBQ Challenge winner for the best ribs in the city! Now we’re bringing our history and our food to Glassboro, NJ. Now we have the addition of original Philly Cheesesteaks and freshly made hoagies as well as a full delivery service. The years of bombings are over, but we hope to write a very successful history right here in New Jersey!

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